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We are a Human Resources and legal consulting service that provides employers Spanish language tools to educate and raise cultural awareness for Spanish-speaking employees regarding U.S. employment laws and practices.  (EspaƱol)


Corte Hispana's mission is to provide innovative, practical and top-quality education and training on legal and workplace issues for the Spanish-speaking workforce.

Our goal is to help employers to be more effective in educating the Hispanic workforce in the U.S..


Corte Hispana is committed to being the leader in training manuals, videos and seminars in Spanish for the U.S. Hispanic workforce.

Through a long-term commitment to its mission and vision, Corte Hispana is dedicated to producing quality educational materials, videos and seminars. Our customers experience Corte Hispana as offering valuable and unique educational and training services. We look forward to working with our future customers who will also benefit from our products and services.


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The information/publication in this site is designed to provide accurate information on the subjects matter covered; with the understanding that neither the authors nor the publisher (Corte Hispana) is engaged in rendering any legal or professional services whatsoever. The information contained in this site is intended as guide only. The materials are based on well-known principles and public information generally available to employers. This information, or the written materials should not be construed as legal advice or the offering of any legal opinion whatsoever. Corte Hispana and the authors make no guarantees and assume no responsibility for the specific applicability of this guide by you. Before you use this guide, you should always seek appropriate legal counsel from an attorney who practices employment law and who speaks Spanish fluently, and/or has access to appropriate Spanish translation and interpretation, if this information is going to be used in the Hispanic workplace.

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