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Do You Really Know Your Rights! is a series of multi-media and interactive Edutainment Webisodes, which entertain and inform viewers about their U.S. constitutional and legal rights. Through a series of dramatized Webisodes, viewers are drawn into the story lines while learning how to successfully handle troubling legal situations. Each Webisode is 3-5 minutes long and is part of an ongoing series, which address a variety of legal problems and their possible solutions and outcomes.

By using an on-going story line, with the same characters and cliff-hanging situations, the objective is to help dispel the myths of the U.S. legal system, which often confuse the community. By the use of the Internet: Webisodes, Podcasts and Blogs, Do You Really Know Your Rights! provides current visual venues for audiences to find answers about legal topics that could affect them. In addition, a 24-minute version will be provided for a TV show. All versions will also be produced in Spanish, English and Mandarin.

Example of a Webisode: Imagine: flashing lights of a police car in your rear-view mirror and then you hear the police order you to pull over. What are your Rights? What do you do next? Our Webisode will guide you to handle this situation. The Webisode format of one topic will look as follows: The Scene: The audience is introduced to Rachel, a pretty 23-year-old actress who is pulled over by the police after she speeds through a street intersection, throws trash out her window and talks on her cell phone. The police car follows her and orders her to pullover. The cop approaches Rachel and asks for her driver’s license, proof of car registration and insurance. Her attitude does not help her interaction with the officer. He checks these records at his vehicle, returns and hands a citation to Rachel. She signs the citation and drives away.

The Above Scenario has Two Alternative Endings. In the first ending, the officer permits Rachel to leave the scene with only the citation, because she has a clean driver's record. In the second ending, Rachel is arrested because she has an outstanding arrest warrant for not paying old traffic tickets. An attorney will describe the legal ramifications.

The Edutainment value of Do You Really Know Your Rights! is its Interactive approach. In the first ending, the viewer, by clicking on the screen or with a mouse can follow Rachel as she goes to court, appears before the judge, is charged a fine and is ordered to perform community service hours. Or, the viewer can choose to follow Rachel from the moment she is arrested and goes through the booking process. In both endings the viewer also learns about legal rights and procedures. The viewers can also listen to the full legal explanation of each case on the Podcast or read it in a text format on our Blog (rss).

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Second Example of a Webisode:
Re: Arresting Parents in House.

The Scene Policemen approach a residence. They have been called for loud noises coming from the house. Policemen approaches front door of the house. They knock on the door. A man and his wife open the door. Policeman #1 tells the couple that there has been a complaint from neighbors about the noise. Couple let the officers into the house. Man, in the house tells one officer that his daughter is celebrating her birthday. (quinceañera) While he is talking to officer #1, officer #2 walks toward the door to the patio of the house. Officer #2 finds in the patio a group of teenagers dancing and sees empty cans of beer around the room. Officer #2 come back inside of house and speaks to officer #1. Officer #1 tells the owners of the house that he and his wife are under arrest for providing liquor to minors.

WARNING:  When you open the door to a policeman and let him into your home, the fact that you open the door and let him in, they have the legal rights to walk around your home and get evidence such as in this case, going to the patio and discovering the minors were drinking. Do not let the cops into your house or (INTO YOUR CAR, next Webisode)

Do You Really Know Your Rights!
Building the Business:

Launching this concept will create public awareness to attract further corporate funding and other sponsorships to enable us to reach our long-term goals. Then, we will be able to attract advertisements for the website and additional income streams. To begin we will need to obtain start-up funds by generating sponsorships from corporations and foundations.

Phase one of the objectives:

Obtain financing for the following:
1. Develop the project (scripts for the episodes ready to be filmed, translations intodifferent languages etc.)
2. Film the next 13 of the intended 26 episodes series,
3. Establish a toll-free phone number to be used as a springboard to establish "Do You Really Know Your Rights"! as legal, social and educative services for the community.
4. Establish a monthly newsletter.
5. Develop a simple yet effective Blog, Podcast and Website.

Topics for Do You Really Know Your Rights!

• Aggressive Drivers
• Can police search your home, car, you?
• Renter/ Landlord rights
• Criminal defense: drunk driving, domestic violence, other criminal cases.
• Family law: divorce, adoption, custody, child support
• Real Estate: landlord/tenant, purchase of property, financing contracts, mortgages/contracts.
• Bankruptcy: All chapters
• Personal injury: auto accidents, products liability, premises liability, medical malpractice
• Business law/commercial transactions: partnerships, corporations, business litigations, non-profit
• Consumer rights: auto purchase, installment agreements, revolving accounts, credit cards
• Injunctions and Restraining Orders.

This Legal Information is available to you in Spanish, by request, and includes:

Criminal Defense
• Drunk Driving
• Domestic Violence
• Other Criminal Cases

Family Law
• Divorce
• Adoptions
• Custody
• Child Support

Personal Injury
• Auto Accident
• Products Liability
• Premises Liability
• Medical Malpractice

Workers Compensation
• Benefits
• Third Party Claims

Business Law/Commercial Transactions

• Partnership
• Corporations
• Business Litigations

Consumer Rights
• Automobile Purchase
• Installment Agreements
• Revolving Accounts
• Credit Cards

Injunctions/Restraining Orders, plus much more...

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