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On-Site Training

Critical Attention!
Sexual Harassment:
As an Employer Are You at Risk?

If 2019 is Your AB 1825 and SB 1343 Harassment Prevention Training Year Corte Hispana Will Help your Organization to achieve this Law.

The law AB 1845 and the new Senate Bill 1343 will be very demanding for employers! This new law changes the requirements around discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment prevention training in the work place.

As of January 1, 2019, all employers with five or more employees in California are now required to provide two (2) hours of sexual harassment prevention training to supervisors and one (1) hour to non-supervisorial employees within six months of hire or promotion, and then every two years after that. Under this new law, all employees must complete their training before December 31, 2019. This SB1343 also need to retrain employees again in 2019 as well. Temporary and seasonal employees must be trained within 30 days of hire or 100 hours worked, whichever is earlier. Temporary Employment Agencies services employers will be responsible for training employees who are placed with clients. Previously, only companies with 50 or more employees were required to conduct harassment training.

Education and Prevention are the Best Defense.

Sexual harassment: What is it? Who is the harasser? Who is the victim? Can it be stopped? How do we handle it? We all get along here, so why should we do any training? Because is the law!  Corte Hispana will provide these trainings in both English and Spanish for your employees.

There are some simple steps business owners can take to combat the threat of discrimination and harassment litigation. A program to educate employees in harassment prevention is first step in avoiding or limiting liability. In brief, your prevention program should include the following:

    • Have an anti-harassment policy (If you don’t have one, Corte Hispana will provide it at an additional cost.)

    • Communicate your policy to your employees (We will give your employees the handouts required by the law)

    • Train your Supervisors and Employees

    • Investigate complaints promptly (included in your policy)

    • Prevent Retaliation (explain what is and should be included in your policy)

Corte Hispana’s supervisory training AB1825 is compliant and our employment training is SB1343 compliant. Corte Hispana also provides your employees with a certificate of the training completion at the end of the course.

Two hours of training are but a small fraction of the costs that an expensive lawsuit can generate. Conducting regular training for all employees allows employers the ability to raise a defense or mitigate damages in the event of a sexual harassment claim or lawsuit. The Law of 1998 stipulated that Employers are responsible for every discriminatory act that happens in their workplace, whether they had knowledge of it or not.


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