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  • On-Site Training:  Provided by bilingual and bicultural attorneys and professional trainers.
  • Video Production:  Educational video productions for the workplace.
  • Translations:  Legal, Promotional and Technical handbooks, policies and manuals.
  • Publishing:  Customized Spanish instructional books and manuals for the workplace; media articles. Policies in Spanish and English.
  • Multimedia: Musical productions, press kits, promotional materials, press releases, narration.
  • Speakers:  Bilingual attorneys and professional keynote speakers.
  • Workshops/Trainings:

                - How to Reach Your Spanish Workforce

                - Training for Preventing Discrimination

                - Training for Violence Prevention at the Workplace

                - Bilingual Education

                - Train the Trainers

Videos on Harassment and Sexual Harassment Prevention

To help employers reduce their liability and meet legal requirements, Santa Monica-based Corte Hispana has developed a Spanish language training video (33 minutes). This product is specifically written for and directed to employees and supervisors whose first language is Spanish - no dubbing, no subtitles. The program is designed to reach culturally diverse Spanish-speaking employees of all educational levels. The video, "No!...Basta Ya de Acosarme!" ("No! Stop harassing me!") and its Leader's Guide, "La Obligacion es Mutua" (The Obligation is Mutual), comprise a training package that is versatile and comprehensive.

Books - Manuals

To accompany the Video on Sexual Harassment Prevention, Corte Hispana offers the first book in the U.S. in Spanish, on this subject .


•  Policies For the Workplace (Spanish, English)

•  Handbooks (English and Spanish)

•  Legal Information Know your Rights in Spanish

•  Feature Articles: Newsletters/Statistics/Essays

•  Legal Issues & Resources

Also, many other issues on discrimination of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended. Write to us if you wish to have any of these publications.

Click here to go to any of the selections listed below: Department of Labor, U.S.

•  Age Discrimination in Employment Act

•  Americans with Disabilities Act (full statute)

•  Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center   

•  Davis-Bacon Act   

•  ERISA   

•  Fair Credit Reporting Act   

•  Fair Labor Standards Act Advisor   

•  Family and Medical Leave Act Advisor   

•  Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)

Immigration & Alien Employment Issues

•  American Immigration Center AIC offers employment visa information, kits and new H-1b status material.

Green Card Sponsorship

•  American Immigration Network General Information on how to obtain a visa in the U.S.

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