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Does Your Company Have a Handbook?

Q: What is the Purpose of Having a Handbook?

A: The purpose of having a handbook is to provide employees with a summary of work rules and disciplinary procedures, to include information that employees want to know about the workplace, and to communicate expectations in regards to behavior and performance. The handbook Also serves to provide employees with information about their benefits, and to give the employees a resource of references that they can use to quickly look up rules and guidelines.

The Handbook Should Include the Following Subjects:

Introductory Policies

• Introduction
• At-Will Employment
• Orientation
• Pre-Employment Drug Testing
• Job Applications
• Reference Checks
• Credit/Background Checks

Non Discrimination, Harassment/Sexual Harassment Policies

• Equal Employment Opportunity  -  American Disability Act (ADA)/Religion, Race, Color, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Pregnancy, Marital Status, National Origin, Citizenship, Veteran Status, Ancestry, Age, (over 40) Physical or Mental Disability, or any other medical condition made unlawful by the local, state or federal laws.
• Immigration  -  IRCA
• Violations of Law  -  If suspect, go through disciplinary procedures

Employee/Employer Relations Policies

• Employment Classification  -  Full time/ Part Time/ Partial
• Non-Solicitation/Distribution
• Policy of "Open Door" Communication
• Arbitration/Mediation
• Access to Personnel Files

Conflict of Interest Policies

• The "English Only" Rule
• Medical Records and Confidentiality
• New Laws ( Labor Code )
• Non-Fraternization
• Employment of Relatives
• Confidentiality

Discipline and Work Regulations Policies

• Work Rules/Disciplinary Actions
• Dress and Grooming Standards
• Housekeeping

New Rulings on Payroll Practices and Deductions

• Employee Status
• Wages/Hourly
• Overtime
• Time Records
• Pay Days

Employee Conduct/Performance/Evaluation

• Discipline
• Hygiene
• Safety, Security
• Alcohol and Drug Policy
• Smoking
• Attendance and Tardiness
• Telephone Use
• Employee Personal Appearance
• Employer Property and Equipment
Employment /Health Benefits

• Social Security
• Unemployment Insurance
• State disability
• Workers' Compensation
• Holidays
• Vacation
• Sick Leave
• Group Insurance
• Pension/Profit Sharing Plans
• Education Reimbursement

Leave of Absence Policies

• Pregnancy Disability/Pregnancy Accommodation (California, Hawaii)
• Family Medical Leave
• Industrial Illness or Injury
• Military
• Personal
• Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
• School visitation
• Jury duty
• Judicial Leaves
• Voting
• Bereavement (see individual States)

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