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Workplace Violence/Crime

Workplace Homicide is the Number One Cause of Death in Many States

Workplace Violence: A Costly Problem

Over two million Americans were victims of physical attack at the workplace during the past year. Another six million were threatened and 16 million were harassed. Between July 1996 and July 1998, one out of every four workers was harassed, threatened or attacked on the job (From “Fear of violence in the workplace” published by Northwestern National Life Insurance in October 1998).

The National Safe Workplace Institute projected in 1998 that workplace violence represents a minimum costs to business of $4.3 billion annually, with an average incident cost of $250,000.

Beyond statistics, the price of such an incident in your company would have painful repercussions. And, increasingly, there is a significant cost to organizations when a court finds them guilty of negligence.

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Corte Hispana Has a Policy on Workplace Violence Prevention in Spanish and English,
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