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Working With
Spanish-Speaking Employees

Tools for Inter-Cultural Communication

Corte Hispana’s interactive workshop provides essential understanding of cultural differences of immigrant Spanish speaking employees. Each session is customized to the specific training needs of your company. This energetic and informative program employs in-group exercises designed to allow participants to address their own experiences and challenges.

Just a Few Things Participants Will Learn

  • How to acknowledge and reward good work in the most meaningful ways for this workforce
  • To understand the differences between U.S. and Latino workplace styles and how to apply that knowledge in management decisions
  • To identify the culturally unique communication and social styles and how they influence your effectiveness with your Spanish-speaking workforce
  • How to avoid social problems and legal pitfalls that come from cultural insensitivity


I. Background/Brief overview

  • Demographics of Hispanic workers -- The differences and similarities between the varied Latin Cultures (Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Spain).

II. Comparative Differences Between U.S. & Hispanic Workplace Styles:


A. Cultural Traits – Covering such areas as:

  • Personal sensitivity (respect)
  • Etiquette
  • Word vs. Deed
  • Family
  • Time
  • Loyalty
  • Gender roles
  • Communication styles

B.  Management Styles (Cross-Cultural Viewpoints)

     Do's and don'ts for presenting to Hispanic and Spanish-speaking employees.            
     Comparing and contrasting attitudes toward:

  • Authority & delegation
  • Initiative & motivation
  • Employee and supervisor/employer relationship
  • Direction & supervision

III. Action Steps for Managers and Supervisors to be More Effective With Their Hispanic Employees.


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